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Artist in Funchal, Madeira

I went to Madeira to visit one of my very best friends, who lives in Garajau, very close to Funchal. I was so excited to see him and to discover the Island.

One afternoon, we visited old town, Santa Maria in Funchal. He took me to an exhibition. There were a couple of artists paintings which I LOVED! Fortunately, I got to meet one of the artists and talked about his work and his life in Madeira. His name was Ricardo Andrade. He was very passionate about what he does and a wonderful family guy. He is truely one of the most amazing artists that I have ever met.


In every corner of this Island in Portugal, there are artistic smells and beautiful nature.

This is video that I would like to share with you.

The trip to Madeira was a wonderful holiday. Many thanks to my friend Tony!

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